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Core Flavours

Sublime Strawberry

Great Taste Award
Sublime Strawberry

Chunks of real strawberries float in beautifully creamy ice cream that offers the look and taste of a quintessentially English bowl of strawberries and cream; a taste of summer. A favourite for all ages, using strawberries grown locally in the Garden of England whenever possible.

Divine Chocolate

Great Taste Award
Chocolate Ice Cream

A rich, silky and luxuriously decadent chocolate ice cream made with the finest melted 71% cocoa chocolate.

Dreamy Vanilla

Vanilla Ice Cream

A rich, dense, creamy and indulgent ice cream flavoured with the finest Madagascan vanilla bean extract and seeds. Deliciously simple on its own or as an accompaniment.

Heavenly Honeycomb

Great Taste AwardCafe Quality Award 2015Cafe Quality Award 2007
Honeycomb ice cream

Thick, creamy, luxurious honeycomb ice cream swirled with crunchy pieces of homemade honeycomb, a dessert in its own right and pure heaven on a spoon!

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Allergy advice
Vegetarian Ice Cream - Our ice cream flavours contain cows' milk, may contain traces of nuts, are suitable for vegetarians and are egg free apart from Lemon Curd. Gluten free ice cream – all flavours are gluten free apart from Christmas Pudding, Brown Bread and the two crumble flavours.

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